Vehicle of Prodigy: Introduction

       A critical void has appeared in human civilization; our species’ ongoing accumulation of knowledge has rendered the ancient religions unsubstantial inadequacies unsuitable for continued human consumption. A new order to guide Homines sapientes today and into the future is now essential for human societies to align with reality. The historical religions are utterly incapable of addressing the modern world or its issues, absolutely unqualified to educate humans about nature or the Universe, entirely irreconcilable with scientific conclusions about reality, and diametrically opposed to changes that are required for the Earth to be saved. A biosphere-dominating intelligent species of life cannot fail to understand or accept its singular position as planetary guardian; such a critically positioned species requires a precise tradition. The multiple flaws of Homines sapientes are self-evident, yet the tradition of a planet-dominating intelligent species must be an immaculate creation of unequaled breadth and degree; a matchless transmission of truth and duty that is Vehicle of Prodigy.

       Vehicle of Prodigy is the union of religion and science. Surpassing all other religious orders in the accuracy and reliability of its effusion, in its unmatched ability to incorporate new information about reality, in its concern for the health of this world, in the benevolence of its moral code, in the depth of its martial subsystem, and in its capacity to address both man and machine during the forthcoming emergence of A.I., Vehicle of Prodigy is the supreme ultimate of human religions. Engineered to be the last human religion, when ancient mythologies die away Vehicle of Prodigy will remain.

         Vehicle of Prodigy is the future of religion. Three central components make up the core of its mission in this epoch:

       1. To clarify the reality of this Universe

       2. To define the naturally sacred

       3. To save the world


Barred Sprial

The Universe
All that we know is encompassed by the Universe. The human body is an infinitesimally small component of its nearly infinite structure. It is therefore essential to understand that which we are and that which we are within. Vehicle of Prodigy teaches that we must seek knowledge of the Universe all the days of our lives. From filaments of galaxy superclusters to subatomic particles; from the complexities of biological phenomena to the technological constructions these biological processes create; we study all aspects of the Universe.

The Naturally Sacred
We are life. We are assembled but once into this creature, exist shortly, then die forever. Ephemeral physical processes, we have only these moments in all the aeons of deep time. So it is for all living creatures. Existence occurs through bodily form and every bodily form is sacred to its conscious pilot. In all that is known about the Universe this is the most critical understanding that intelligent beings simply cannot fail to understand. The physical body is the genuine, fundamental sacred; a sacred designated not by humans but by nature itself. Yet, life is a struggle between organisms and the fundamentally sacred is mere food energy for another organism in the ongoing competition for survival. Every organism ever born onto any world in all the galaxies throughout time and until the stars die will experience loss, tremendous suffering, and death. Thus, the highest path is to see all living creatures in their one moment of existence in deep time, and to love every suffering being in the Universe.

Saving the World
The Universe produces planets and some planets, utilizing the energy of their star(s), can generate life- the most complex aspect of the known Universe. This complexity has arisen on Earth and humans are one of its latest products. The deep line of our ancestors is ancient, stretching back to the beginning of life on Earth- approximately 3,500,000,000 years long. The human specialists of living systems, biologists, warned decades ago that the fabric of life that we are a part of, that sustains us, that created us is being disentangled and dismantled by a single species of life – Homo sapiens. The message from these biologists is the most critical message in our global information network, but the network is cluttered. An astronomical profusion of irrelevant informations saturate virtually all human communication systems; this world is dying and a minority have perceived. Time is of the essence. All humans must activate to save the Earth.

Earth from moon

Adopting the belief system dominant in a person’s culture of birth is inherently random. This randomness is inadequate in the search for real truth. Thus, the investigator of reality must depart traditional faiths in search of the actual. As we study the actual we gather real understanding; understanding flows from knowledge, and knowledge rests upon information. Vehicle of Prodigy discourages faith and teaches that reason is the path of true understanding.

Important concepts and practices

Acquiring Knowledge   Knowledge is superior to ignorance and so we study manifold fields to develop our comprehension of the Universe. As a species which has taken effective control of the planet’s surface ignorance can no longer be tolerated, and must be eradicated. The body of knowledge science has accumulated is a reservoir of fundamental understandings; by developing our knowledge we work to eradicate our own ignorance and the ignorance which runs rampant in human civilization.

Meditation   Because our existence is experienced through a living body, we seek a complete understanding of who and what we are. The human brain is one of the most complex objects in the biosphere, and the mind that it produces is equallythinking statue complex. Deep introspection and contemplation are our tools of self-understanding and self-mastery. Meditation in stillness, in movement, and in daily life is a central practice of Vehicle of Prodigy.

Compassion   Compassion for suffering is the indefectible moral, and a central teaching of Vehicle of Prodigy. Because suffering is equal across all platforms of sentient life, suffering is treated equally across all platforms of bodily structure. Compassion is, therefore, not selfishly shown only to one’s own species, but to all animal life. This is the universally flawless ethic. Within all regions of the Earth and on a scale unimaginable, humans organize the outright harm of other sentient beings for human gain. To live life in accordance with the naturally sacred a person must separate from and renounce these traditional cultural practices. In choosing not to bring harm to the bodies of sentient creatures one gains true righteousness and honor beyond the measure of any prophet or king. This is the crucial perfection.

Preservation of Nature   Our specialists in living systems explain that there are too many humans in Earth’s biosphere. Every human requires resources, produces waste, occupies space, and places strain on other species. Each requirement must be fulfilled by the Earth and its resources are finite. If there were tens to hundreds of millions of humans on Earth, there would be plenty of resources for everyone, and this world would be healthy. But today there are over 7,000,000,000 living humans who en masse degrade the womb and abode of our existence. Each building constructed, each road surfaced, and every forest cleared brings harm to this world. The primary solution to the degradation of our homeworld is to attenuate our population.


The formula of causation pertaining to human reproduction is as follows:
If a human produces 3 children in their lifetime, they have brought harm to this world;
If a human produces 2 children in their lifetime, they have maintained the current state of harm;
If a human produces 1 child in their lifetime, they have brought healing to this world while fulfilling their biological function;
If a person is non-reproductive during their lifetime, they have helped tremendously to heal this world.
Vehicle of Prodigy does not condone having 3 or more children in a lifetime, and in order to salvage the planet prescribes a person take part in no more than 1 childbirth. This logical prescription, were it implemented by all, would save this world.

Internal Energy Cultivation   East-Asian peoples debaguadeveloped sophisticated methods of stilling the mind, deeply sensing the body, and adhering to certain principles of stillness and movement in order to maximize the body’s fluidity during both subtle and gross physical motion. These practices were used to cultivate meditation, self-control, power, trigger spiritual experiences, and integrated into unique internal fighting styles. Vehicle of Prodigy combines the basic principles of neigong, qigong, taijiquan, baguazhang, and xing yi quan into one unified internal practice.

Diffusion   Superstition and ignorance plague the most intelligent species on Earth, a species that effects all other living things on this planet. Ancient thought-systems reach through time, disabling humanity’s ability to understand the reality that envelops it. Errant thought systems occupying the mental faculties of a planet-dominating species are highly dangerous, in this case threatening to all life on Earth. One of Vehicle of Prodigy’s prime functions is to displace these errant systems and the causational damage they foment. Adherents are expected to play some part in the dissemination of Vehicle of Prodigy into the matrix of world societies.

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